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The Original Bait Key Model - Termite

The Original Bait Key Model Termite


"The Original" Bait Key Model #0926 - Termite


"The Original" Bait Key Model #0926

"The Original" Bait Key is every technician's friend!

"The Original" Bait Key Features:
* All Metal Construction
* Rust / Corrosion Proof
* Eliminates Finger Stress
* Hangs From Bucket or Chain
* Faster Station Opening
* Increases Production Time

"The Original" Bait Key Uses/Applications:
Fits: Hex Pro® Termite Bait Stations.

Directions For Use:
To Remove Lid: Insert small end of key into top of bait lid between key mounts and rotate 1" inch counter-clockwise to loosen. Use corner of bait key to lift lid.

To Replace Lid: Drop lid onto top of station and rotate until flat. Insert small end of key into mounts and rotate clockwise until lid snaps in place. Do not over tighten as lid damage could occur.

Lifetime Warranty

¹Hex Pro® Termite Bait Stations are registered Trademarks of Dow Agrosciences® and are not affiliated in any way with RJ Products.

New product
"The Original" Bait Key Size: Actual Size 4" x 6"
"The Original" Bait Key Category: Tool, Bait Station, Key
"The Original" Bait Key Manufacturer: RJ Products

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