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The Original Bait Key Model - Rodent

The Original Bait Key Model Rodent


"The Original" Bait Key Model #0927 - Rodent

"The Original" Bait Key Model #0927 - Rodent

"The Original" Bait Key is every technician's friend!

"The Original" Bait Key Features:
* All Metal Construction
* Rust / Corrosion Proof
* Eliminates Finger Stress
* Hangs From Bucket or Chain
* Faster Station Opening
* Increases Production Time

"The Original" Bait Key Uses/Applications:
Fits: EZ Klean®, Protecta®, Rat Cafe® and most Rodent Station Keys.

To Install Bait Key™:
Remove bolt, nut, washer and lockwasher from Bait Key tool. Place manufacturers key in center of Bait Key tool and insert bolt, nut, washer, and lockwasher, with nut on outward key side of tool. Tighten with hand tools. Do not over-tighten as damage to plastic keys may occur.

Lifetime Warranty

EZ Klean®, Bell Labs®, and B&G® are not affiliated in any way with RJ Products. Does not fit Aegis®, LiphaTech Stations®. Keys not included.

New product
"The Original" Bait Key Size: Actual Size 4" x 4"
"The Original" Bait Key Category: Tool, Bait Station, Key
"The Original" Bait Key Manufacturer: RJ Products