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NiBan Granular Bait


4 lb Shaker Jar

NiBan Granular Bait

NiBan Granular Bait works differently than most other insecticides and because of this there is no risk of toxicity to humans and other living things!

NiBan Granular Bait works by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of roaches, ants, and other insects. After eating Niban, insects become unable to get nutrition from their food and starve to death. This effect only occurs in insects. And because Niban doesn't depend on toxicity to kill, insects cannot become immune to it ever!

There's no better professional grade, all-around bait for targeting the two most prominent invading pests you deal with: cockroaches and ants. NiBan-FG's new formula includes a tougher, weatherized granule that will last longer than any other on the market, providing you with a more effective kill between quarterly visits. This is the industry's only granular bait with the power of borates and our patent pending. It was formulated with a concern for the environment, it's easy to use and it has produced amazing results since it was created. NiBan-FG targets a wide spectrum of pests and can be used both indoors and out.

Many baits intended for pests can be a hazard for pets and wildlife. Birds are one of the most sensitive species to these effects. So, when the New York City's Central Park Bird Aviary needed to control cockroaches, they chose NiBan. After more than 10 years, there have been no reported problems...unless you're an ant or cockroach!

NiBan Granular Bait Features:
* Indoor/outdoor use
* Low impact on environment
* Active ingredient is just 5% boric acid
* Specifically targets pests
* Long-lasting protection

NiBan Granular Bait Uses/Applications:
For Use In and Around: Above-ground transformers, aircraft, aprtments, boats, buses, campgrounds, cemetaries, factories, federally inspected (USDA) meat and poultry plants, flower gardens, garages, greens of golf courses, grocery stores, homes, hospitals, hotels, kennels, lath houses, lawns, libraries, markets, motels, nursing homes, offices, parks, picnic areas, recreational turf, restaurants, schools, sewers, ships, shrubs, stores, theatres, trains, trucks, vending machines, warehouses, zoos, and more!

Application Sites and Directions:
1. Apply under and behind appliances in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms (remove kick plates if possible).
2. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities often have a space between the floor and the bottom drawer or cabinet. If a gap exists along the top of the kickplate, dust this product into the void area. If no gaps are present, drill a small hole every two feet along the kickplate drilling at least one hole under each cabinet and apply this product through the holes.
3. Apply in voids around plumbing pipes behind water heaters and under sinks in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and utility rooms. Pull back escutcheon plates around pipes to allow access to the void.
4. Remove electrical wall socket and switch covers and dust product around boxes and into voids. Do not apply product directly into electrical switch and outlet boxes.
5. Cracks or spaces between the wall and doorframes, cabinets, counter tops, molding or baseboards provide excellent hiding places for roaches and ants. Dust a small amount of this product into these areas wherever possible.
6. Apply under and behind vending machines. If access can be gained to the interior of the machine, apply around the interior base, being careful not to contaminate any foodstuffs.

To Control and Kill Cockroaches, Crickets, Ants, Earwigs and Silverfish in Federally-inspected (USDA) meat and poultry plants: For application only in inedible product areas and non-processing areas as a crack and crevice treatment. Apply liberally to cracks and crevices in areas such as around baseboards and in closets; beneath cabinets and appliances, in and around waste containers and into openings around drains, water pipes and electrical conduits. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. Bait stations may be used. Always record the number and location of bait stations. Regularly inspect bait stations and replace bait as needed. This product is best used as a supplemental residual treatment preceded by approved spray and good sanitation practices.

NiBan Granular Bait Target Pests:
* ANTS: Argentine, carpenter, thief, pharoah, little black, pavement, odorous house and crazy ants.
* COCKROACHES: Asian, American, brown, brown banded, smokey brown, german and oriental cockroaches.
* CRICKETS: Camel, house, field, and mole cricket.

NiBan Granular Bait Active Ingredient:
Orthoboric Acid..................5.0%

New product
NiBan Granular Bait Active Ingredient:
Orthoboric Acid..................5.0%

NiBan Granular Bait EPA Reg. No. 64405-2

NiBan Granular Bait Size:
NiBan Granular Bait Class:
NiBan Granular Bait Category:
NiBan Granular Bait Manufacturer: Nisus Corporation

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