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Queen ActiveGuard Mattress Liner


Queen ActiveGuard Mattress Liner

Queen ActiveGuard Mattress Liner

ActiveGuard Mattress Liners used as part of a bed bug treatment program kill bed bugs within 72 hours!

ActiveGuard Mattress Liners were developed as a natural extension of globally used mosquito nets. They kill bed bugs within 72 hours. ActiveGuard Mattress Liners can be installed by one person in less than 1 minute. Compared to encasements, liners are not subject to the frequent tearing. There are only 4 sizes that fit all mattresses and box springs.

ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Features:
* Kills bed bugs and dust mites in mattresses and box springs
* Continuously prevents and controls bed bugs and dust mites for up to two years
* Easy to install
* Four sizes fits all mattresses and box springs
* Enhances, improves, and extends any bed bug program
* User friendly label with no signal word or precautionary warnings
* Liners are thin, breathable, confortable, and durable
* Maintenence free - "just set it and forget it!"

ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Sizes:
1. Single/Twin -- 75x38x14
2. Double/Full -- 75x54x14
3. Queen -- 80x64x14
4. King -- 80x74x14

ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Uses/Applications:
To kill and prevent bed bugs for up to 2 years.

New product
ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Size: Queen - 80x64x14
ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Category: Cover, Mattress, Bed Bug / Dust Mites
ActiveGuard Mattress Liner Manufacturer: Allergy Technologies

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