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Monument 75WG Herbicide

Monument 75WG Herbicide
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Monument 75WG Herbicide

Monument 75WG Herbicide gives turf professionals a great tool for controlling all major sedges and more than 40 other weeds on their turf!

Monument 75WG Herbicide is a broad-spectrum herbicide that inhibits weed growth soon after application. Monument 75WG also removes over-seeded, cool-season grasses which helps ensure a better transition to bermudagrass.

Monument 75WG is a selective herbicide, applied after emergence of weeds, for control of certain weeds in established turf. Monument 75WG consists of water dispersible granules that must be thoroughly and uniformly mixed in water and applied as a spray.

The degree of control resultingfrom application of Monument 75WG is primarily dependent upon weed species, weed size at application, environmental conditions, amount of Monument 75WG applied, and growing conditions. Weed control is greatly improved when weeds have emerged, ample soil moisture exists, and weeds are actively growing, than when the soil is dry and weeds are under stress from lack of moisture.

Growth of susceptible weeds is inhibited soon after application of Monument 75WG. The leaves of susceptible plants normally yellow, red, or purple after several days, followed by necrosis and death of the growing point. Complete plant death occurs 1-3 weeks after application, depending upon weed species, growing conditions, etc.

Monument 75WG Herbicide Features:
* Post-emergence control of all major categories of sedge and challenging weeds like dandelions, crabgrass (suppression only), clover and spurge
* Available in two package sizes for smaller and larger areas
* Controls Poa annua and other winter annual weeds
* Monument 75WG does it all - sedge control, transitions assistance, summer and winter annual control, dicot and grassy weed control in one product!

Monument 75WG Herbicide Mixing Instructions:
1. Clean the spray tank before using. If it is contaminated with other materials, mixing problems and/or clogging may occur, or injury to the turf may result.

2. Prepare no more spray mixture than is required for the immediate operation.

3. Fill the spray tank ¼ - ½ full with clean water and begin agitation. Make certain that the agitation system is working properly and creates a rippling or rolling action on the water surface. Maintain agitation throughout the mixing and spraying process.

4. Liquid fertilizer may replace part or all of the water as carrier. The application of Monument 75WG using liquid fertilizer as the carrier may increase the herbicidal activity on certain weeds and decrease tolerance of desirable turfgrass species. This combination should be tested to determine safety of Monument 75WG and liquid fertilizer before treating large areas.

5. Add any products packaged in water-soluble film to the tank first. Allow the packets to completely dissolve and the contents of the packets to fully disperse into the mix water. Important: Water-soluble packets must always be the first material put into the spray tank after water. For products packaged in water-soluble packaging, do not tank mix with products containing Boron or mix in equipment previously used to apply a product mixture containing Boron unless the tank and spray equipment has been thoroughly cleaned.

6. Add the required amount of Monument 75WG to the spray tank while maintaining agitation. Allow the product to wet and thoroughly disperse into the mix water.

7. While maintaining agitation, continue filling the spray tank. When the tank is ¾ full, add any tank mix partners. Add any water-dispersible granule, or other dry formulation first, and allow that material to disperse. The add any emulsifiable liquid formulation.

8.Maintain agitation while adding a good nonionic surfactant with a minimum of 80% of the constituents effective as a spray adjuvant, at a rate not greater than 2 quarts/100 gallons, or 0.50% volume/volume.

9.Complete filling the tank, maintaining sufficient agitation at all times to ensure surface action until the spray tank mixture is uniform.

10. An anti-foaming agent may be added to reduce excessive foaming, if it occurs.

11. Do not leave spray in the spray tank without continuous agitation. Always maintain agitation to provide a uniform mixture in the spray tank.

12. Make only sufficient spray mixture that can be used the day in which it will be sprayed; however, Monument 75WG will remain active in the spray solution for at least 36 hours.

Monument 75WG Herbicide Target Weeds:
Annual sedge, Bahiagrass (suppression), Black medic, Broadleaf Signalgrass, Car's ear dandelion, Carolina Geranium, Carpetweed, Clover, Cock's Comb Kyllinga, Common chickweed, Corn speedwell, Crabgrass (suppression), Creeping indigo, Dallisgrass (suppression), Dandelion, Dichondra, Field pansy, Purple Nutsedge, Globe Sedge, Green Kyllinga, Ground ivy, Hairy buttercup, Henbit, Hop clover, Khakiweed, Lawn Burweed, Lawn pennywort, Little Barley, Mouseear chickweed, Narrowleaf cudweed, Oxalis, Parsley Piert, Poa annua, Rabbitsfoot clover, Rescuegrass, Ryegrass, Shephard's-purse, Spotted Spurge, Tall Fescue, Wild Garlic, Torpedograss (suppression), Virginia buttonweed (seedlings), Yellow nutsedge, and more!

Monument 75WG Herbicide Active Ingredients:

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Monument 75WG Herbicide Active Ingredients:

Monument 75WG Herbicide EPA Reg. No. 100-1134

Monument 75WG Herbicide Size: 0.5 gram packet / 25 gram box (5 x 5 gram packets)
Monument 75WG Herbicide Class: Sulfonylurea
Monument 75WG Herbicide Category: Herbicide, Weed Control
Monument 75WG Herbicide Manufacturer: Syngenta