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MistAway Tankless Gen 3+ IMistAway Ready


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State of The Art Mosquito Control.  24/7 Monitoring With IMist2 Connectivity.

Note - iMist 3 is cellular based and must be purchased through your local MistAway Dealer.

Mosquito Misting Systems are not created equal.  Drum units require premixing of the mosquito solution.  This leads to stale stagnant chemical that can mold, mildew and smell after a few weeks.  This is due to heat buildup, the chemicals in tap water and non-agitation of the mix.  In some cases, the mosquito solution is completely ineffective in as little as 3 weeks.

The MistAway Gen 3+ solves this problem. Using a constant water flow and chemical concentrate cartridge, new chemical is mixed 3 gallons at a time.  This ensures that fresh chemical with cool tap water is dispensed every cycle.  Fresh chemical means more effective mosquito killing, no more smells, and practically ZERO bio growth in the system and tubing circuit.

Professional Built-in Appearance

The MistAway Gen 3+ Tankless misting unit is light years ahead of the competition.  All other mosquito systems require a 30-55 Gallon Industrial drum to hold pre-mixed chemical.  The aesthetics of a 55 gallon drum don't go well with most professionally managed landscapes.  The Tankless Gen 3+ is housed in small 2' x 2 ' painted metal cabinet. It looks like a built in home appliance and fits in places where a 55 gallon drum would not. The IMistAway Gen 3+ Tankless misting system fits well in landscape decors in small residential settings up to commercial grade installations.  

IMist3 Connectivity

MistAway IMist3 Connectivity means that your Gen 3+ Tankless misting unit can be monitored remotely through an IPhone or Android App, and also through a desktop connection.  Everything from misting times, duration, skip days and amount of chemical remaining can be monitored easily.  The best feature of the IMist3 App is that if something happens to shut the system off (automatically), you are notified through the APP.  In some cases, the system can be be restarted through the APP without the need to manually visit or inspect the system. Talk about convenience and efficiency!

Zoning Options

Need more than 70 nozzles or the ability to create zones for different cycles?  The Gen 3+ Tankless has a Zone Option kit to create 2 zones that run on different cycles.  The optional Zone Kit for the Gen 3+ is required and sold separately.

1 Year Parts Warranty

All MistAway misting systems are covered by a limited 1 year parts warranty.  See warranty guide for more information. 

Includes iMist3-ready main unit (iMist connectivity sold separate), remote control, inlet water supply components, and Plus Cap for insecticide bottle. 

System Includes:

  • Gen 3+ Tankless Unit
  • Hose bib adapter, 25' of 3/8" tubing, inlet water filter
  • Plus Cap for insecticide bottle
  • iMist3-ready Remote transmitter
  • Antenna for iMist3-ready remote receiver

Power Requirement:  120V/60 Hz

Water Requirement: Water Faucet / Tap Water

Note:  Unit only. Does not include nozzles, tubing, fittings or chemical. MistAway Zone Kit sold separately.


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