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BaitPlate Station

BaitPlate Station


BaitPlate Station


Rockwell BaitPlate Feeding Station

The Rockwell Labs BaitPlate Insect Feeding Station is a sturdy, economical station for baiting ants, cockroaches and other insects. The BaitPlate Station is the perfect application device for Rockwell Labs baits. Excellent when bait needs to be contained and/or easily removable.

BaitPlate Station Features:
* Holds gel, granule and liquid baits
* Dual bait compartments with ramped entry-adjustable for large and small insects
* Convenient low profile, clear design - mounts flat or vertically
* Refillable or disposable
* Comes with sticky dots for mounting, or use mounting hole for extra security
* Fits inside the D-Sect IPM Station for ultimate tamper-resistance

BaitPlate Station Uses/Applications:
The BaitPlate Station can be used for liquid, gel or granular baits for all crawling insects. The halves of the station will need to be snapped together. Snap each of the 4 corners securely. If using liquid bait, be sure that the male channel on the top and female channel on the bottom are completely mated together with no air gaps, paying particular attention to the corners, otherwise it may leak. For baiting ants and German roaches, the little tab on the top should be snapped down into the hole. For baiting American roaches or other larger insects, open the tab or remove it altogether by tearing it off at the perforation. To secure the station, use the hole provided or use the sticky dot. Press the dot (with the release paper still on) onto the bottom of the station on the flat part where the hole is and then peel off the release paper and stick down the station. The BaitPlate can be placed flat or vertically on a wall. If using liquid bait on a wall, a tack may provide more security than just the sticky dot.

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BaitPlateâ„¢ Station Brochure
BaitPlateâ„¢ Station Instruction Sheet

BaitPlateâ„¢ Station Size: Small Bait Stations
BaitPlateâ„¢ Station Category: Tool, Station, Bait, Insects
BaitPlateâ„¢ Station Manufacturer: Rockwell Labs Ltd

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