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Wall Injectors


1 1/2" With Cap

100 Wall Injectors Per Bag

Wall Injectors

Wall Injectors - 1 1/2" w/Cap

Wall Injectors allow you to apply insecticides/dusts or compressed air directly into the wall / ceiling voids of a structure. allow treatment where insects nest, in the walls and ceilings!

Wall Injectors Features:

* Perfect for carpenter ant treatments

* Commercial kitchens

* Regular service accounts

* Termite foaming treatments

* Dust/compressed air or foam applications

* Neat professional appearance

* Designed for wall and ceiling installation

100 Wall Injectors Per Bag

How To Use:

Drill a 3/8" hole into the wall or void to be treated.  Insert the proper length injector and push until it fits flush with surface.  Inject your favorite liquid, dust or aerosol into the the wall injector.  That's it.  The wall injector will stay installed and ready for future applications as needed.

New product
Wall Injectors Size: 5 sizes with and w/out Injectors / 100 & 500 count bags
Wall Injectors Category: Tools, Equipment
Wall Injectors Manufacturer: Executive Pest Control Products

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