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Victor Moleworms


Victor Moleworms


Victor Moleworms

Victor Moleworms are easy to use and effective in killing moles quickly!

Victor Moleworms are extememly palatable to moles and are very life-like. For use in underground tunnels and runways. Just drop the bait into holes in the roof of mole tunnels. The moles will eat the bait and die quickly.

Victor Moleworms Features:
* Easy to use
* Works quickly
* Life-like worms
* For use in underground runways or subsurface feeding tunnels
* Locate runways with active tunnel locator flags
* Simply drop bait into holes in the roof of mole tunnels
* Gloves prevent contact with bait

Victor Moleworms Uses/Applications:
Easily Locate Active Tunnels: Selecting the proper area to place the Victor Moleworms is essential to successfully getting rid of moles in your yard. Begin by locating active tunnels. Make one-inch holes in the roof of a tunnel and mark near the openings with the locator flags included in the Victor Moleworms package. Revisit the holes after 24-48 hours. Tunnels that have had holes resealed are an indicator of mole activity and a good place to bait.

Treating conical mounds: Moles construct deeper tunnels that are not visible from the surface. These deep tunnel systems are often marked by a series of conical mounds of loose dirt 4-12 inches high formed when dirt is pushed to the surface through a mole tunnel shaft.

1. Remove all of the mounded loose dirt that is at ground level.
2. Continue to remove loose dirt that is below ground level and you will eventualy locate the primary tunnel shaft.
3. Once the main tunnel shaft has been discovered and opened, leave it opened and return in 48 hours to see if the openeing has been reclosed with loose dirt. This indicates that this mound and tunnel is in use by a mole.
4. Reopen the tunnel shaft and drop the product down into the shaft and reclose with dirt.
5. Revisit this mound in 5 days and check again to see if it remains active.

Baiting Tunnels: After you've located an active tunnel, simply poke a hole that's slightly larger than the diameter of the Victor Moleworms in the roof of the active tunnel and drop the Victor Molesworms in. Reseal with dirt and repeat every 5-10 feet.

Victor Moleworms Target Pests:

Victor Moleworms Active Ingredients:

New product
Victor Moleworms Active Ingredients:

Victor Moleworms EPA Reg. No. 149-19

Victor Moleworms Size: 1.15 oz (32.5g) 5 packs of 5 worms per box
Victor Moleworms Class: Rodenticide
Victor Moleworms Category: Bait, Mole
Victor Moleworms Manufacturer: Woodstream

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